Chaplaincy and Faith Support

What is chaplaincy?

Chaplains talking at an event

Statement of aims

Chaplaincy and Faith Support will contribute to the well-being of all in the University by:

Providing an open and accessible service to all individuals 

  • Giving clear information at induction events and open days
  • Offering warm hospitality at worship and social activities
  • Providing an open welcome in the chaplaincy spaces on campus
  • Showing intelligent interest in the work of staff and students

Offering support to all who seek it

    • Faithful support from a faith perspective, attentive to the individual's own worldview
    • Sympathetic listening, advice or advocacy, where necessary and appropriate
    • Opportunities to explore religious, social and moral questions
    • Communities of faith in which to grow spiritually

Building good relationships with internal and external networks 

  • Participating in the welfare network
  • Referring individuals to support services as appropriate
  • Promoting discussion about shared beliefs and values
  • Addressing the isolation of particular groups, especially international, postgraduate and off-campus students
  • Making links with local and national faith communities
  • Making links with faith-based and other student groups

Modelling good relations between people of different faiths



Useful links

The Inter Faith Network for the UK

The Inter Faith Network for the UK was founded in 1987 to promote good relations between people of different faiths in this country.

Chaplaincy and Faith Support

A29, Portland Building
University of Nottingham
University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Tel: +44 (0)115 951 3931