HEE Clinical Scholar

About the Pre-Doctoral Bridging Programme (formerly Silver Scholars)


Internships, Pre-Doctoral and Poste-Doctoral Bridging Programmes form part of the HEE/NIHR programme (ICA Pathway).

The ICA Pathway provides opportunities to grow talented clinical researchers who will lead and further invigorate Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Health, Health Visiting, Pharmacy, Wider Dental Team, Operating Department Practice and Clinical Psychology Professionals’ capacity to meet the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda.





Each Scholar/Fellow will have a research Mentor who will:

  • Be a formally qualified researcher, minimum PhD qualification
  • Commit to mentoring and line management for the duration of the project
  • Facilitate high quality learning opportunities for the Scholar/Fellow
  • Facilitate access to research professionals as determined by the development needs of the Scholar/Fellow
  • Sign off the final PhD proposal by the Scholar/Fellow

We invite potential Mentors from across all disciplines to apply for the scheme. All Mentors assigned to Scholars/Fellows should have the skills to provide hands on support, mentorship and be able to act as a role model to the Scholars/Fellows. Mentors can apply using the downloadable form on the ‘Application Forms’ page.

Scholar/Fellow applicants can nominate a Mentor provided they meet the criteria above and complete a Mentor application form. Alternatively Scholars/Fellows will be appropriately assigned a mentor from a pool of qualified and experienced academics.


A single payment grant of £7500 can be offered to the Scholar/Fellow's organisation to facilitate release from their duties. This grant will include:

  • Salary support and incidental costs for the Scholar/fellow
  • Travel expenses
  • Costs reasonably incurred by the employing organisation in covering their duties
  • Any external training or development opportunities for the Scholar/Fellow

We are aware that in some circumstances this funding will not be enough to cover expenses and additional costs incurred as well as salary support. In these circumstances it is the responsibility of the employer to manage the amount that can be spent to mitigate any financial risk incurred.




HEE/NIHR Pre-Doctoral Bridging Programme

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