Google Translate and Modern Languages in Education



29 June 2018


9.00 am - 5.00 pm


R34, Boots Science Building, University Park campus


Student/unwaged: £10
Waged: £20


Is this for you?

Google Translate (GT) has become an institution in machine translation that has been claimed by its provider to be developing at great pace to achieve ever higher degrees of accuracy. As such, GT has, perhaps inadvertently, become a player in education at all levels.

This event comprises presentations and discussions revolving around the topic of GT in language education, language acquisition, translator training and translation quality. It is of interest to teachers, learners, language professionals (translators, technical writers etc.) and policy makers in the education sector.

Among other topics, the conference aims to address

  • the abilities and potential of GT
  • issues experienced in the classroom, as perceived by teachers and/or students
  • concerns about the impact of GT on language learning and language use
  • instances where GT helps or hinders language learning
  • suggestions of how to handle GT in a learning environment that is increasingly linked to technology.

A topic of concern in education

The Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies 

is delighted to host this event in the light of an emerging and important discussion revolving around the use of tools such as GT in professional language work and language teaching and learning. The interest in this issue is fairly recent and certainly requires debate, as it is relevant to all levels of education.

It is our pleasure to welcome a wide selection of international speakers from a range of professional backgrounds that will present their views and research findings on how we may choose to handle technology such as GT in our educational environments. In that, this event is poised to make a significant contribution to our knowledge about this technology and its possible implications for educational practice and policy.

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Conference proceedings

This event brought together a great range of scholars. A number of the conference talks are now available via the link below

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