Disease, Disability and Medicine in Medieval Europe


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6 - 7  December 2014

Pre-conference postgraduate workshop 5 December 2014


09:00 - 17:00


Highfield House (no 10 on the University Park campus map)


£60 (£50 un-waged)

Pre-conference postgraduate workshop free of charge

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The conference will discuss the impact of infectious disease on medieval societies and will focus on infectious disease as a disability, an area that has hitherto been overlooked in discussions of medieval disability, where the status of those who have suffered leprosy or tuberculosis, conditions that were clearly visible to their contemporaries.

Pivotal to this approach is that papers at this conference will be given by medievalists, but also by colleagues researching infectious disease in microbiology (current work in Yersinia Pestis research and quorum sensing), with a presentation of the outcomes of the pilot study on the efficacy of recipes Anglo-Saxon leechbooks and modern anti-bacterial research.

You will enjoy this conference if you have an interest in:

  • Medieval studies
  • Disability studies
  • Historic attitudes to disease and disability
  • Microbiology - how infection works

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Disease, Disability and Medicine in Medieval Europe Conference

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