Monday 29 June 2015
Time Title Title
11am Registration and coffee (room B23)
11.25am Welcome

Keynote lecture one (room B21)

Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh)

1pm Lunch (room B23)
2pm Session A (room B21) Session B (room C29)

Alex Voorhoeve (LSE), Arnaldur Smari Stefansson (University of Uppsala), Ken Binmore (UCL) & Brian Wallace (UCL): When Can(‘t) We Trust Our Intuitions in Distributive Ethics? The Results of an Experiment

Janet Michaud & Ashley Keefner (University of Waterloo): Judgments of
Coercion in Mr. Big Cases

Florian Cova & François Jaquet (University of Geneva): Is utilitarianism really a psychological natural kind?

Elena Walsh (The University of Sydney / King's College London): Anger,
Self-Deception, and Justice

Pascale Melanie Willemsen & Kevin Reuter (Ruhr University Bochum): Are omissions on par with actions? An experimental investigation into people’s reasoning about actions and omissions

Malik Ajani (Royal Holloway): Citizenship and Diversity, following the
Pendulum of Inclusion and Exclusion

Coffee break

4pm Session A (room B21) Session B (room C29)
Nathan Hanna (Drexel University): Desert's Moral Significance Revisited James Beebe (University at Buffalo): Shutting the Door on Epistemic Closure
Nora Heinzelman (University of Cambridge): Evaluations in the brain Yan Zhou (Kyoto Sangyo University), Masashi Kasaki (Kyoto University) and Sobei H. Oda (Kyoto Sangyo University): The Knobe Effect
Reconsidered: Uncertainty, Expectation and Relativity in the judgment of Intentionality
Michael Niekamp (Goethe University): Taking 'moral underdemandingness' seriously Adrian Ziółkowski (University of Warsaw): Folk Intuitions and the No-Luck-Thesis
5.30pm Close
Evening Conference dinner (if prebooked)


Tuesday 30 June 2015
Time Title Title
9.30am Session A (room B21)  Session B (room C29) 
  David Rodríguez-Arias (Universidad de Granada) & Carissa Véliz (University of Oxford): Testing the Motivational Strength of Positive and Negative Duty Arguments Regarding Global Poverty  Eugen Fischer & Paul E. Engelhardt (University of East Anglia): Through Stereotypes to Intuitions: A Psycholinguistic Study 
  Mauricio Martins (Berlin School of Mind and Brain/ MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences), Daniel Haun (Leipzig University) & Harald Wilfing (University of Vienna): Social norm change in the context of a development assistance project in Madagascar  Kevin Reuter (Ruhr University Bochum): Feeling happy without being happy 

Poster session and coffee (room B23). See below table for poster titles.


Keynote lecture two (room B21)

Kimberley Brownlee (University of Warwick): The Right to Contribute

1pm  Lunch
2pm Session A (room B21) Session B (room C29)
Guillermo Del Pinal & Kevin Reuter (Ruhr University Bochum): Social Role Concepts and Gender Bias Shen-yi Liao (University of Leeds/ University of Puget Sound), Aaron Meskin (University of Leeds), Nicholas Watts (University of Leeds) & Amanosi Ekenimoh (University of Leeds): Talks about Coffee: Experimental Philosophy as Public Philosophy
Sylvia Terbeck (University of Plymouth): Psychopharmacology and intergroup relations Pendaran Roberts (independent) & Kelly Schmidtke (Warwick Business School): Relationalism about perceptible properties and the principle of charity.
3pm Coffee break

Keynote lecture three (room B21)

Ron Mallon (Washington University in St. Louis): It's not you, it's me

5pm Official finish
The workshop will be followed by an informal meeting about the running of the group and to discuss ideas for future events. This will be open to all participants.


  • Aurélien Allard (École Normale Supérieure) & Florian Cova (University of Geneva): Do people really care about equality? Dissociating basic needs and equality in intuitions about social justice
  • Grace Anderson, William Simpson, Sylvia Terbeck & Chris Longmore (University of Plymouth): What causes the other race effect? Evidence from classification images
  • Florian Cova (University of Geneva), Paul Egré (Institut Jean Nicod) & Aurélien Nioche (Université de Bordeaux): Are reactive attitudes really sensitive to determinism?
  • Vilius Dranseika (Vilnius University): Is this still Julie? Study participant’s use of proper names is not indicative of their intuitions about personal identity
  • Edward Jarvis (independent): Folk metaethical objectivism: a direct approach
  • Masashi Kasaki (Kyoto University), Yan Zhou (Kyoto Sangyo University) & Sobei H. Oda (Kyoto Sangyo University): The Knobe Effect in Japanese: How Intentionality Judgements are (not) Affected by Cultural Differences
  • Markus Kneer (Institut Nicod): Perspective and Intentionality Ascriptions
  • David Merry (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin): Epicurean Experiments on Death
  • Paniel Reyes-Cardenas (University of Nottingham): The pragmatistic feminism of Jane Addams’ embodied care
  • Travis Wellington Stockton (Texas State University): Education and Experience: A Tool to Tackle Social Injustice


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