2nd CIRP Conference on Surface Integrity (CSI)

28th-30th May 2014 


Post Conference Information

The 2nd CIRP CSI Conference which took place in Nottingham, 2014, was a resounding success. Over 100 attendees gathered from 19 countries which served to make for a lively event and comprehensive forum to explore the surface integrity of materials processed by modern manufacturing methods. The social aspects of the conference were also well received and between a flying visit from Robin Hood and a whiskey tasting which followed the conference dinner, there was something for everyone. The conference concluded with an extended visit to Rolls-Royce in Derby.

The local organising committee would like to thank all attendees for helping to make the conference a great success. With some confidence our community can look forward to the 3rd CIRP CSI Conference which will take place in the UNC Charlotte, USA.

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The aims of the conference were to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge on workpiece surface integrity and its influence on part quality and the functional performance of manufactured components. It focused on three major aspects of maching process:

  • Specific workpiece surface properties as a result of different processes
  • Methods of analysis/testing of the workpiece surface integrity to enable the understanding of the phenomenological aspects
  • Correlation between the propertied of surface integrity and the resulting functional performance of the components.






CIRP 2014 Surface Integrity Conference

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