Public Event with Film Screening 

The conference featured a public film screening followed by a panel and audience discussion at the Broadway cinema.


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Film - The Machine (15)

Director: Caradog James
Cast: Caity Lotz, Toby Stephens
Origin: United Kingdom
Duration: 90m

With an impoverished world plunged into a new Cold War, British scientist Vincent is on the brink of developing a game-changing weapon - an android called The Machine… In a time when science fiction is very much of the bigger-is-better-is-louder variety it’s refreshing to have a film like The Machine to be reminded of the glory days. As beautiful as it is – and it is stunning – it’s the narrative and the questions it asks that raise the film to the highest ranks of the genre. This is the thinking person’s science fiction, a movie that will have you looking at your technology in a whole new way. Raindance Film Festival

Panel speakers

David A. Kirby

David A. Kirby was a practicing evolutionary geneticist before leaving bench science to become Senior Lecturer in Science Communication Studies at the University of Manchester. Several of his publications address the relationship between cinema, genetics, biotechnology and cultural meanings. He has also studied how media professionals utilize, negotiate and transform science in order to tell stories about science in movies and on television. His book "Lab Coats in Hollywood: Science, Scientists and Cinema" examines collaborations between scientists and the entertainment industry in the production of movies and demonstrates how these fictional texts affect real world science and technology. He recently received an Investigator Award from the Wellcome Trust to analyse the interactions among the biosciences, religion and entertainment media. He is currently writing a book titled “Indecent Science: Religion, Science and Movie Censorship, 1930-1968” which will explore how movies served as a battleground over science’s role in influencing morality.


 Photo of David Kirby

Photo of Jenni Metcalfe

Jenni Metcalfe

Jenni Metcalfe is studying a PhD through the University of Queensland, Australia. She is currently studying at the University of Nottingham under a Universitas 21 exchange. She is also the Founder and Director of Econnect Communication, and lectures in science journalism at the University of Queensland. She has been a science communicator for more than 24 years, working as a journalist, practitioner and researcher in this area. Jenni has published many papers and articles on science communication. She was co-editor of the human scale: International practices in science communication, published in 2006 by Science Press, Beijing. She was President of the Australian Science Communicators (ASC) from 2005 to 2007. During that time, ASC hosted the World Conference of Science Journalists. Jenni has been a member of the scientific committee of the International Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network since 1996



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