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'Our Mining Heritage': Mining heritage day report

The 'Our Mining Heritage' roadshow was held at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre, Eastwood, Sunday 27 May 2012, supported by Writing Our History: Digging Our Past.

The Mining Heritage Day at the D. H. Lawrence Heritage Centre (formerly Durban House) in Eastwood involved a number of local history and community heritage groups who put on exhibitions of their work. These included:

  • Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Labour History Society
  • Pinxton and South Normanton Local History Society
  • Bilsthorpe Heritage Society 
  • National Mining Memorabilia Association
  • Hucknall Tourism and Regeneration Group
  • Jacksdale Heritage Society
  • Alan Sillitoe Committee. 

Along with the members of these groups, a further 64 visitors attended for the day’s programme, which included the showing of historic film footage; a reading by poet Kathleen Bartholomew (Selston); a performance of mining songs by the Misk Hills Mountain Rambler; and a lighthearted look at ‘Pit Humour and Pit Poetry’ with John Stafford and David Amos.  David also presented the work he had done during his MuBu (‘Museum Buddies’) Coalmining Bursary supported by Renaissance East Midlands and the University of Nottingham: among other things, he demonstrated how social and digital media – including YouTube and Flickr - can be used to celebrate and communicate mining heritage. The day ended with a brief presentation by Liz Harvey (University of Nottingham) about the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘All Our Stories’ programme and about how groups can go about making a bid to this scheme to support their community heritage projects.

Posted on Friday 6th July 2012