Industrial action - marking and progression

Thursday, 19 May 2022
The University and College Union (UCU) has confirmed that industrial action will continue over the summer term in the form of action short of a strike. This begins on Monday 23 May and coincides with the university’s assessment period.  

As communicated earlier this month, some staff may take part in a marking boycott as part of action short of a strike. While many of our students will be unaffected by this action, some may be, and we understand that you might be concerned about how this could affect your marks, progression to your next year of study, or graduation.  

Please be reassured that we expect your examinations and assessments to take place as currently planned. Your papers are prepared well in advance of the exam period. Please continue to revise and prepare to do your very best in your assessments.

Maintaining the integrity of our awards and supporting you to achieve the assessment outcome you have worked for continue to be our absolute priorities. The university has existing regulations which mean that, despite the circumstances, we are not expecting unreasonable delays to occur and we are confident that appropriate decisions will be made regarding your progression or graduation this summer. We are doing everything we can to ensure you can progress or graduate, knowing that you have met the learning outcomes and have confidence in the value of your degree.

We will publish more details on how this works next week, including the steps we are taking to support external requirements for professional accreditation in programmes where relevant.

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