Moodle disruption - revised submission and marking deadline

Friday, 13 December 2019

December submission and marking deadlines have been revised following the now-resolved severe disruption to Moodle.

Revised submission deadlines

Due to the now-resolved issues with Turnitin, students who were originally due to submit on Thursday 5 December have had their submission deadline extended to Friday 13 December at 3pm. This is the final revision to this deadline date.

Now that the system is restored, students should submit their work as usual, via the Moodle assignment or Turnitin assignment dropboxes.

If students were due to submit assignments on Friday 6 December, or during the week commencing Monday 9 December, submission deadlines were extended as follows:

• Original deadline Friday 6 December, new deadline Friday 13 December

• Original deadline Monday 9 December, new deadline Monday 16 December

• Original deadline Tuesday 10 December, new deadline Tuesday 17 December

• Original deadline Wednesday 11 December, new deadline Wednesday 18 Decembe

• Original deadline Thursday 12 December, new deadline Thursday 19 December

• Original deadline Friday 13 December, new deadline Friday 20 December

We recognise that term finishes for the majority of students on Friday 13 December. If they unable to submit after Friday 13 December, please ask them to inform Student Services. The University will ensure that no student will be disadvantaged as a consequence of the now-resolved issues with Moodle.

Return of marks and feedback – delayed release

Because the disruption to Moodle has pushed back submission deadlines, marking return dates are also extended by five working days. This excludes University closure days – the University closes on Friday 20 December and reopens on Thursday 2 January. Marks and feedback that you were due to receive before the January exam period – starting on Monday 13 January – may be delayed. For more information contact your School.

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