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Saturday 13th March 2021 (18:00-19:00)
University Radio Nottingham

Join Nila Varman, University Radio Nottingham, and get ready for some raw, emotional, and uncomfortable conversations addressing social issues that are not spoken about enough or those regulated to taboo.

Growing up in Manchester, I never saw anyone on TV or movies that looked like me. Those who did were always portrayed as stereotypical personalities with no opinion whatsoever. As a person of colour, a lot of my growing up had to do with the realisation that I may never hear the perspective from those who looked like me.

I've fought plenty of battles over the years, and I found myself striving to educate myself and others about pressing issues, but also wishing I had someone to relate to at that time, so I decided that might have to become one of the firsts to share my perspectives as a proud South Indian, Tamil speaking brown girl from Manchester.

I mix this with my uncontainable weirdness, loads of music, and integrate aspects of my culture with growing up to help dispel stereotypes! 

Every Saturday 6-7pm tune in to University Radio Nottingham to hear more from The Nila Extract.

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