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Five ways to wellbeing expo

We’re delighted to share images submitted to our expo that celebrate the five ways to wellbeing (Connect, Be active, Take notice, Learn and Give) and also provide links to resources and support for staff and students to help promote mental health and wellbeing. 


Five ways to wellbeing expo submissions


A photograph taken on University Park in 2020 of the University of Nottingham team involved in The Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczma (HOME) initiative, founded in 2008

Natasha Rogers - Connect

A HOME for Eczema

The Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema (HOME) initiative, founded 2008, is all about connecting the whole eczema community together. In 2020 international consensus was achieved for the eczema trials ‘Core Outcome Set’ (COS) – the first COS in the field of dermatology. The Nottingham team celebrated at University Park. 

Stop and drink lukewarm tea - Becky Nye edited

Becky Nye - Take Notice

Stop and drink lukewarm tea

Finally finished another Teams call. Tired. Restless. Achy shoulders. Turn around to find blue skies, sunlight beaming into the room, plants partying in the warmth and light, cat snoozing away. A still energy. Decided to stop, drink my (now) lukewarm tea and appreciate the view. Procrastination? I’d say meditation.

An old dog learns new tricks - Corinne Leighton edited

Corinne Leighton - Learn 

An old dog learns new tricks

The pandemic has given me more time to learn new skills - paper quilling being one of them. 

A close up image of a bunch of beautiful yellow spring daffodils

Hayley Gosling - Take Notice

Spring in your step

The first daffodils of the year. It feels like warmer days are on their way. Looking forward to getting a spring back in my step.

An image of two friends taking a socially distanced walk in lockdown in torrential rain wearing brightly coloured waterproof jackets

Helen Lawrenson - Connect

Socially distanced walk whatever the weather!

Meeting a close friend to have a walk and catch up in person, despite the fact that we had torrential rain for the entire walk! 

A photo of an entirely frozen Vicar Water, Mansfield, wiht blue sky and clouds above and the sun setting behind the trees reflecting onto the ice of Vicar Water

Toni Pickering - Take notice

Peace in the wild

A rare moment of peace on a wintery walk with my two young children, watching the sun set over an entirely frozen Vicar Water, Mansfield. 

A photo of a home made blue and white camper van birthday cake baked to brighten and celebrate a lockdown birthday.

Fiona Frost - Give

Camper van birthday cake

Baking and giving a homemade cake to brighten and celebrate a lockdown birthday.  

A close up image of frostly leaves on a hedgerow taken on a morning walk a few weeks ago

Charley Smith - Take Notice

Frosty leaves

Frosty leaves on a morning's walk (taken a few weeks ago). 

Spring colour - Helen Tanner edited

Helen Tanner - Take Notice

Spring colour

Extreme close-up shot of an anemone flower blooming.

A photo of Mabel, a white and brown english setter puppy looking very cute, playing with a brightly coloured spiky ring

Doug Little - Connect


English setter puppy looking cute.

An image of a bright purple fitted jacket on a mannequin designed during lockdown and almost completed (just missing a left arm!)

Sharon Sipple - Learn

Sew away sadness

My almost finished jacket. A favourite way I forget sadness and stresses in life is to design and sew garments. I love designing and constructing a pattern and then working out how to sew the garment together. I can lose myself (and my thoughts) for hours in the process. 

Teams breakouts - Vincent Bryce edited

Vincent Bryce - Connect

Teams breakouts

This represents our department meetings. We have started doing breakout chats as a feature of our Department Teams calls, which help me feel connected to the wider team. Image adapted from a photo by Nicole Waleczek (under CC BY-SA 4.0)

An image showing plants, lighted candles and yoga props - yoga blanket, yoga blocks - with a brick wall backdrop

Lindsay Norman - Be Active


Yoga props with brick wall background. 

A photo of a white swan walking on ice on the frozen Grantham Canal taken in February 2020

Lyndy Ackerley - Be Active

Walking on water...

A swan walking on ice on the Grantham Canal in February. Taken whilst walking my dog Wellis. 




A photo of the skyline - blue sky, light clouds and the sun starting to set behind the trees - taken on a winter day on University Park Campus

Sian - Be Active


Taken on a winter day walk at Uni Park, for some fresh air and a change of scenery :) 


A photo of a smiling young child in a pram, wrapped up in warm clothing, enjoying the view of the sunset and snow on a very cold day

Charlotte Kingsbury - Take Notice

Taking it all in

Enjoying the view of the sunset, the snow, and my smiling son, as we get some (very!) fresh air and new perspectives after another heavy day of working and playing at home. 

A close up image of a bumble bee having breakfast, gathering pollen from a mint plan with tiny white flowers in the garden

Helen Tanner - Take Notice

Breakfast in the garden

A bumble bee gathering pollen from a mint plant. 

A soft focus image of a woman in shorts and a bright pink t-shirt taking part in a live lockdown areobics to rave music class using a disco ball and bright glowsticks!

Kara Rimmer - Be Active


Taking part in a live lockdown aerobics to rave music class with disco ball and glow sticks!! 

A selfie of a man enjoying the facilities at his very quiet and socially distanced local gym (pre-current lockdown)

Vince Pizzoni - Be Active 

Enjoying the facilities at my local gym

Pre current lockdown I have been using the local gym in my town. Most mornings it’s been very quiet so social distancing hasn’t been a problem. The opportunity to keep fit and healthy is key to wellbeing.

A close up photo of a sparrow perched on a branch of a fir tree looking very interested in a bird seed feeder on a cold snowy day

Jo Flewitt - Take Notice

Feeding time

A sparrow feeding from a bird seed feeder.


A photo of a blue lake with a white fountain, taken on a bright sunny day just after a rain shower where the fountain and light have combined to form a rainbow under the bright blue sky.

Ian Shaw - Take Notice


Rainbow fountain.

A close up image of frost on a cobweb suspended from a fence taken on a misty cold day in Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Helen Tanner - Take Notice

Cold commute

Frost on a cobweb suspended from a fence in Wollaton Park. 

A close up image of a brightly coloured crochet blanket in progress with crochet needle and strands of wool

Laura Henderson - Take Notice

Colourful crochet blanket

I find crochet very relaxing, it helps me to switch off from everything else and take notice of each stitch. I always like to work with bright colours because they also help to lift my mood.  

An image of a 7 heart-shaped white bars of hand-made eco-friendly soap on a wooden heart shaped placemat

Lyndy Ackerley - Learn

Mindful soap making

A batch of hand-made eco-friendly soap created in my kitchen using traditional techniques - the concentration required has a calming effect which definitely eases stress. I gave these as Christmas presents! Old dog learns new tricks. 

A photo of a cute black cat with green eyes, cosy and warm under a bright red blanket, head resting on a black and cream cushion

Jasmine Hickman - Connect

My Luna

Spending a lot of time indoors means I have spent the longest time with my cat and we’ve had built an even stronger bond. She’s been my rock over the past year. 

A close up image of someone walking through a muddy field in a pair of black muddy wellies in lockdown

Helen Coombes - Be Active


This is me walking through a muddy field in my wellies, on another lockdown adventure in nature :) 





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