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The wonder of you

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Thursday 16th June 2022 (14:30-15:30)
Carers' Staff Network

For the 2022 Diversity Festival, The University of Nottingham’s Carers’ Staff Network is hosting The wonder of you, a panel session about caring with a focus on ageing well. Caring is often emotional and hard work, yet receiving and/or giving care does not mean an absence of happiness and joy.

We invite you to join us on Thursday 16th June, 2.30-3.30pm to hear from our panel of speakers about ways to experience how to find wonder in ageing and experience happier times as carers.

Keynote 2.30pm - 2.50pm:

Peter Edwards, Leader of Therapeutic Musical Interventions at Alzheimer's Society, LinkAge Southwark and the Garwood Foundation. Joined by Tracy Leach, a carer who regularly attends Peter’s session.

In the keynote, Peter Edwards – a University of Nottingham alumus - will bring to life his experiences of leading therapeutic music interventions for those with dementia and their carers. Services such as Alzheimer’s Society’s Singing for the Brain are based on the well-documented evidence of the brain’s ability to retain music and lyrics long after dementia has diminished other faculties. An important element of this process is the effect on the carer, seeing their loved one suddenly re-engaging with others, responding to them, participating in a social occasion with joy and increasing self-confidence.

Panel discussion 2.50pm - 3.10pm followed by Q&A/ discussion 3.10pm - 3.30pm

We will be joined by Susie Ward from the University’s Counselling service, June McCombie (founder and ex-chair of the Carers’ Staff Network) and two current co-chairs of the Carers’ Staff Network to discuss the issues and share experiences of ageing well.

The Carers’ Staff Network is a forum to provide mutual support and exchange information and ideas. The network also acts as a mechanism for communication within the University, raising issues of policy, practice and procedure and promoting good practices.


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