Welcome to the staff network pages for the University of Nottingham

Formal EDI staff networks

Our formal EDI staff networks are open to all university staff, of all job families and form an important part of the consultative process across a wide range of workplace issues. These formal networks are independent of Human Resources, are led by interested members of staff, and seek to provide information and support to colleagues who might appreciate an informal, confidential, peer-run environment.

Chairs/Co-Chairs are invited to attend the full EDI Governance Board to formally report any issues of interest or concern.

We currently have five formal EDI staff networks:



Informal EDI staff groups/networks

Our informal staff groups/networks provide an opportunity for university staff with a common interest, role or life exprience to meet informally in a virtual setting (via MS Teams and/or Yammer Groups) to share knowledge and experiences, facilitate communication, promote social networking and provide support for each other.

Our informal staff groups/networks are independent of Human Resources and are led by interested members of staff.

We currently have one informal EDI staff group/network: