Marking exams.

Inclusive teaching video: Feedback on exams: 1 to 1 tutorials in Geography (1 minute : 26 seconds)

Robert Dugdale (School of Geography).

Bob Dugdale, Geography:
Normally we give them their numeric marks as soon as we can after the exams. There's a prepared sheet for each module which gives them the actual exam questions they answered and the mark they got for that, so by the end of each Semester they - or shortly after that - they have a full record of their sort of numeric achievement.

We then sort of back that up when they return the following Semester by giving them much more intensive feedback in a past tutorial. They normally last about 20 minutes; it's a one on one tutorial with their tutor (who, by the way, is their tutor throughout the three years, so it is someone they get to know quite well).

We allow them at that point to have all there assessed material available to them and they are given some time to read all the comments on coursework, but more particularly on the exams scripts as well.

Right, so the tutors are kind of looking for trends across a number of scripts or exam questions.

Yes, very much so. It may be something to do with writing style and so on and so forth, or just that in sort of exam answers or style, in other words, are they planning their time?

Produced: June 2007, in collaboration with the University's Promoting Enhanced Student Learning (PESL) initiative.

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