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Setting deadlines.

Student perspective

"At the beginning of a semester we work with students on planning out a schedule. For some students this never works out: organisation and planning time can be extraordinarily difficult. Students become engrossed in one area, get stuck in another and lose all sense of time so that there is still panic at the end."

Source: Academic Support tutor, June 2007.

Teaching methods

Inclusive teaching:

  • Make assignment titles and reading lists available from the start of the semester.
  • Prioritise reading and make available via WebCT where possible.
  • Be explicit about policies on extensions and whether or not these are different for dyslexic students.

Examples of practice

Dyslexia video: "Choice of hand-in dates: students plan their deadlines.." Duration: 2 minutes : 59 seconds

Choice of hand-in dates: students plan their deadlines.

"…so if you're struggling with something on Kant or something then you can leave that to the last deadline…" (2 min 59s video by Andrew Fisher et al.)

Reasonable adjustments:

  • Recognise that both the reading and writing stages of producing assignments takes more time for dyslexic students.
  • Have systems in place that allow for extensions for dyslexic students, even though it appears that they have been given plenty of time.
  • Consider allowing a draft to be handed in at the deadline with an agreed later date for the final copy.

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