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Getting in touch

Types of feedback.

Student perspective

"I spend ages looking over my work and it still goes on about careless mistakes in the feedback. No matter how many times I look through it I just can't spot the errors."

Source: First year Sociology student, dyslexia screening, Feb. 2007.

Teaching methods

Inclusive teaching:

  • Have systems in place that allow constructive feedback on specific problem areas.
  • Ensure that marking criteria are explicit about how language issues are marked.
  • Ensure that feedback on language issues identifies patterns of difficulty and comments upon some or all of them constructively.

Examples of practice

Dyslexia video: "Feedback on exams: written sheets in History.." Duration: 2 minutes : 28 seconds

Feedback on exams: written sheets in History.

"…students who've got very particular learning strategies can get feedback on how those strategies are actually working…" (2 min 28s video by Nick Thomas)

Dyslexia video: "Feedback on exams: 1 to 1 tutorials in Geography.." Duration: 1 minute : 26 seconds

Feedback on exams: 1 to 1 tutorials in Geography.

"…we give them their numeric marks…and then back that up…by giving them much more intensive feedback in a PARS tutorial…" (1 min 26s video by Robert Dugdale)

Dyslexia video: "Using a discussion board to support Maths students.." Duration: 3 minutes : 10 seconds

Using a discussion board to support Maths students.

"…I wanted to get the feedback on technology…but I did also have issues I wanted to raise…to get people discussing their experience of mathematical proof…" (3 min 10s video by Joel Feinstein)

Reasonable adjustments:

  • Have policies that allow additional feedback as a ‘reasonable adjustment’.
  • Offer verbal explanation of written feedback where necessary.
  • Encourage students to see Academic Support tutors where appropriate.

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