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Student perspective

"The thing I've found really useful is we have one lecturer who just puts everything on WebCT, like seminar reading lists…absolutely everything, journals…and then its all there and provided you can get access to it you can just download it and read it straight away."

Source: Annie Evans, student in Archaeology, June 2007.

Teaching methods

Inclusive teaching:

Dyslexic students use WebCT to:

  • support learning in lectures and seminars;
  • prioritise reading;
  • pace their work to suit themselves.

Examples of practice

Dyslexia video: "Planning module content: mind-mapping, podcasting and WebCT.." Duration: 2 minutes : 28 seconds

Planning module content: mind-mapping, podcasting and WebCT.

"…so we have interactive mind maps where you can click on each of the little bits and that pulls up the audio file, the associated PowerPoint slides and the transcripts of the audio file…" (2 min 28s video by Richard Field)

Dyslexia video: "Introducing podcasting and WebCT: implications for dyslexic students.." Duration: 5 minutes : 3 seconds

Introducing podcasting and WebCT: implications for dyslexic students.

"…I was getting a little bit bored of saying the same sorts of things over and over again just with a little bit of updating and that was perhaps the last thing that pushed me into doing it…" (5 min 3s video by Richard Field)

Reasonable adjustments:

  • Having material in electronic format allows students to format it according to their needs.
  • Having material easily accessible saves time and takes some account of the fact that reading and writing take longer for dyslexic students.

In more depth

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