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Student perspective

"Dyslexic students' experience of presentations is very individual. Some will flourish, others will find the experience uncomfortable, beyond the apprehension that many students feel, as dyslexia can affect spoken language as well as written."

Source: Academic Support tutor, May 2007.

Teaching methods

Inclusive teaching:

  • Be explicit about the criteria by which the presentation will be assessed.
  • Be clear about how stringent time constraints might be.
  • Offer a clear focus on the area that the student(s) is expected to cover.
  • In group presentations, allow opportunity for concerns about how a group is working to be expressed.

Examples of practice

Dyslexia video: "Purposes of student-led seminars: development of transferable skills.." Duration: 2 minutes : 21 seconds

Purposes of student-led seminars: development of transferable skills.

"…the presentation skills we try to develop include the use of the internet, the use of different documentary sources, how to speak in public, how to work with a team of people…" (2 min 21s video by Nick Thomas)

Reasonable adjustments:

  • Where speech is hesitant, flexibility on time will reduce pressure.
  • Where the marking criteria include presentation skills, be aware of how dyslexia might affect these and how adjustments can be made.
  • Allow time for questions to be understood and if necessary repeated.

In more depth

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