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Student perspective

"I'm not sure who knows I'm dyslexic and whether it matters really. I don't mind people knowing, but I don't want to make a big issue of it"

Source: First year Sociology student with Academic Support tutor, November 2006.

"I sometimes can't pronounce words. I know what the word means, but I either can't remember how to pronounce it, or it comes out wrong. I tend to keep quiet as I don't want to look stupid"

Source: Second year Classics student, screening interview, May 2005.

In more depth

Teaching methods

Inclusive teaching:

  • Make preparatory reading available well in advance.
  • Be specific about what to read and why.
  • Make clear in advance questions to be discussed or what is expected.

Examples of practice

Dyslexia video: "Guiding students in reading for seminars.." Duration: 1 minute : 23 seconds

Guiding students in reading for seminars.

"…they're encouraged to be quite ruthless in their reading…Look at that, ignore the rest…and they can get into the ideas very quickly…" (1 min 23s video by Nick Thomas)

Dyslexia video: "Involving students in large groups: ideas for using interactive handsets.." Duration: 2 minutes : 41 seconds

Involving students in large groups: ideas for using interactive handsets.

"…they own it in some sort of sense, they've already thought about it and they've put themselves on the graph…" (2 min 41s video by Richard Field et al.)

Dyslexia video: "Setting up seminars for productive learning.." Duration: 1 minute : 58 seconds

Setting up seminars for productive learning.

"…People know beforehand what questions are going to be asked in the seminar or debates that are going to be covered.…" (1 min 58s video by Nick Thomas)

In more depth

Dyslexia video: "Purposes of student-led seminars: development of transferable skills.." Duration: 2 minutes : 21 seconds

Purposes of student-led seminars: development of transferable skills.

"…We look for a number of different skills…how to discuss without dominating, the idea of working through different ideas, exchanges of views, to get the different viewpoints on a debate…" (2 min 21s video by Nick Thomas)

Reasonable adjustments:

  • Give additional guidance on the reading where necessary.
  • Be aware whether any students in the group are dyslexic and how you might wish to deal with it.

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