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Getting in touch

One to one support.

Student perspective

"My tutor has been brilliant at telling me whether I'm on the right track and showing me where I've gone off on a tangent."

Source: Third year Physiotherapy student with Academic Support tutor, Dec. 2006.

Students in discussion

Dyslexia video: "Students taking the lead with their supervisor.." Duration: 1 minute : 31 seconds

Students taking the lead with their supervisor.

"…I am a visual person and he used to do sketches to explain things and I found that really beneficial as well…" (1 min 31s video by Michael Shaw et al.)

Teaching methods

Inclusive teaching:

  • Be willing to ask how a student approaches their learning and negotiate the best way to tackle a problem.
  • Consider carefully the kinds of topic, e.g. for projects and dissertations, that best suits the learning approaches of an individual student, e.g. a literature review or practical project.

Reasonable adjustments:

  • Be aware that students will not remember a lot of verbally presented information unless it is recorded in some way.
  • Be willing to discuss how to do this and be open to their recording your discussion.
  • Be willing to advise on reading and writing strategies appropriate for your discipline as well as on content.

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