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MiriamSanterIngridMuller   July 2022

Eczema Care Online Toolkits available
by Miriam and Ingrid


We are delighted to share with you that the Eczema Care Online toolkits for parents/carers of children with eczema and for young people with eczema are available at

This is not the completely finalised version – we are still completing the Welsh translation and some details so please tell us if any features of the website are not working by emailing

We hope that you will all share the link to the toolkits widely; we will be working over the next year to encourage doctors, nurses and pharmacists to signpost people with eczema to the toolkits.

Please do share the link with anyone who you think might be interested or who might find the toolkit useful. We have had fantastic feedback from users so far. One parent of a child with eczema said:

“It was one of the best websites I’ve ever used; it was really easy to use and provided the answers to your specific questions. I didn’t have to read through lots of stuff that wasn’t relevant to me.” 

One of the teenagers who used the website said:

“It’s great if I have a quick question about something. Before I would have harassed my mum to take me to the doctors, which is a pain if you just have a very basic question, but now I just have a look on the website.”  

We would like to thank all the people who took part in this research, particularly the young people and families living with eczema.


Eczema Care Online


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