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January 2022
Looking forward to 2022 - an exciting year for the Eczema Care Online Programme
by Kim


 The coming year is all set to be an exciting time for the Eczema Care Online team and for all those who have contributed, supported, and encouraged our efforts over the last few years.

Here are some highlights of things coming up soon for you to look forward to:

Eczema Care Online Toolkit soon available for use – we have been working with an external web design company to develop a user friendly webapp that will allow people to access the Eczema Care Online Toolkit for the first time outside of a research setting.


The eczema Care Online Toolkit provides a one-stop shop for easily digestible information about eczema, how best to use eczema treatments and a host of other information about living with eczema, such as how to avoid triggers, manage stress and how to make the most of GP consultations.

As part of this we have produced some engaging videos that you might like to share with others:


Eczema Care Online Trial results coming soon – results of two randomised controlled trials using the Eczema Care Online Toolkit will be available later in 2022. These trials have tested two slightly different versions of the toolkit; one aimed at parents or carers of children with eczema, and another version of the toolkit designed to support young people with eczema as they start to manage their eczema for themselves.

These clinical trials have included almost 700 participants and have followed people up for 12 months to see whether or not people are better able to manage their eczema after having used the toolkit.

Cochrane Systematic on the best and safest ways of using topical corticosteroids – this large review has just been accepted for publication and will be available soon. It includes over 100 research studies looking at different ways of using topical corticosteroids for eczema. This includes studies evaluating the safety and effectiveness of different strengths of steroids, how often to apply the steroids, how long to apply them for and how best to prevent eczema flares. Look out for our next blog which will outline findings from this review. For further information about our publications and outputs can be found on our publications page.


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