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School of Economics Prize Winners 2017

The School of Economics Prize Winners 2017 have been announced. The prizes, sponsored by Martin Totty (Economics 1978), include best overall first year, second year, and third year, best dissertation and outstanding entrepreneurship. There is also the Sir Clive Granger Prize for Outstanding Performance in Econometrics and school prizes for outstanding achievement.

Watch a video of Alex Dooler, who won the Entrepreneurship prize, explaining the idea behind his award. You can also view our graduation reception images.

Martin Totty Prizes

  • Overall Achievement in Year One: Charlie Whitehead
  • Overall Achievement in Year Two: Matthew Boyers
  • Overall Achievement in Year Three: Debby Moore
  • Best Dissertation: Fausto Gernone
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurship: Alexander Dooler
Matthew Boyers  Debby MooreMatthew Boyers and Debby Moore

Fausto Gernone  Alexander DoolerFausto Gernone and Alexander Dooler

Sir Clive Granger Prize

  • Outstanding Achievement in Econometrics: Jack Millar 
Jack Millar

Jack Millar

School Prizes

  • Outstanding Achievement in Year One: Jo Ann Tan (Malaysia), Zhaoqi Guo (China)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Year Two: Kellie Wong (Malaysia), Yiyun Fang (China)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Year Three: Firaz Mohamed Firzul (Malaysia), Qianni Zhang (China)
  • Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Year One: Christopher Spaull, Nathan McNulty, Fatharani T N Effendi (Malaysia), Zhe Shi (China)
  • Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Year Two: Daniel Nash, Alberto Marzetta, Yong En Chua, Chern Q’uan Lim (Malaysia), Chenfan Xu (China), Jialin Shao (China)
  • Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Year Three: Desislava Tartova, James Charles-Nwufoh, Lahkim Abdelbari Bennani (Malaysia), Linyan Yang (China)

Gainsborough Essay Prize

  • Autumn Winner: Chris Brownlie
  • Autumn Runner-Up: Matthew Hills
  • Summer Winner: Fausto Gernone
  • Summer Runner-Up: Xinniella Khubchandeni

 University Prize

  • Economics: Qianni Zhang (China)

Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Posted on Wednesday 19th July 2017

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