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School of Economics UG Prize Winners 2021

We are delighted to share the names of the 2021 School of Economics Undergraduate Prize Winners.

Year one

  • Outstanding Achievement year one: Moonzarin Khan
  • School - Performance year one: Gaia Rogers, Samuel Tye

Year two

  • Outstanding Achievement year two: Craig Allen
  • School - Performance year two: Roisin Gadd, Jayden Wilkes

Year three

  • Outstanding Achievement Final Year: Chris Hyland
  • School - Performance Final Year: Cameron Dabbagh, Liam Garside, Jessie Murrall
  • School Tri-Campus Dissertation Performance (Best Dissertation): Chris Hyland
  • School - Dissertation Performance (Runner up): Liam Garside, Jessie Murrall
  • Sir Clive Granger - Outstanding Achievement in Econometrics: Anna Richardson                                    

Gainsborough Essay Prize

  • Winner: Rachel Emmerton - Taking Sustainability Scrutiny Too Far: A Cap on Green Growth
  • Runner-Up: Dylan Grice - Choose Progress, Choose Romer
  • Runner-Up: David Nziza - Pandemic Borrowing and the Frontier Economies

Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Posted on Thursday 22nd July 2021

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