University of Nottingham Farm

Recent student research projects

  • Assessing the impact of cultivation strategy upon the growth, development and yield of winter wheat
  • Interactions between stem-base diseases and their pathogens in winter wheat
  • Optimising bioenergy production from cereal straw
  • A 'life cycle analysis' (LCA) of milk production at University Farm
  • The effects of mastitis and dairy cow fertility
  • A financial appraisal of non-maize based anaerobic digestion at the University Dairy Centre
  • A sustainability index of a livestock production system
  • Explaining patterns of milking behaviour in robotic milking.

Recent Agricultural and Veterinary Science research projects and papers from work conducted at University Farm

  • Methane emissions among individual dairy cows during milking quantified by eructation peaks or ratio with carbon dioxide
  • Reducing dietary protein in dairy cow diets: implications for nitrogen utilization, milk production, welfare and fertility
  • Variation in enteric methane emissions among cows on commercial dairy farms
  • Determination of the absolute accuracy of UK chamber facilities used in measuring methane emissions from livestock
  • A case study of the carbon footprint of milk from high-performing confinement and grass-based dairy farms
  • Behavioural changes in dairy cows with lameness in an automatic milking system
  • Evaluation of treatments for claw horn lesions in dairy cows in a randomized controlled trial
  • Biochar-mediated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from soil amended with anaerobic digestates
  • Nitrogen partitioning and remobilization in relation to leaf senescence, grain yield and grain N concentration in wheat cultivars
  • High-resolution 3D structural data quantifies the impact of photoinhibition on long term carbon gain in wheat canopies in the field
  • Carpel size, grain filling, and morphology determine individual grain weight in wheat
  • Spelt as a genetic resource for yield component improvement in bread wheat.

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