Gendering Latin American Independence
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José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández y Félix

Other names/titles: Guadalupe Victoria
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

He was born in Durango, Mexico, on 29 September 1785, and moved to Mexico City in 1797. He joined Morelos's troops in 1811 and took part in the taking of Oaxaca City on 25 November 1812, after which he changed his name to Guadalupe Victoria. In 1817, left without allies, he retreated to a hacienda in Veracruz until Iturbide became emperor. He soon became opposed to Iturbide's authoritarian rule and worked in opposition with Santa Anna in Veracruz until Iturbide fell in 1823. He was President of Mexico 1824-29. His Masonic connections led him to favour alliance with Britain over the United States, which annoyed Poinsett. British financial support helped during his term of office, especially up to 1827. After he left office he had peace-keeping positions in Oaxaca and Veracruz. From 1839 he was plagued by health problems, and he died in the military hospital, Perote, on 21 March 1843. (León Helguera, 1526-1527)

He is described by R.H. Hardy as follows: "“This gentlemen is of ordinary stature, and whether it was from his bad state of health, or the cloak that he wore, I know not, his appearance certainly did convey the idea, that he possessed military feeling and energy which should belong to a man who had been placed by the suffrages of a whole nation in so exalted a situation.” (Hardy, 10)

Rodríguez gives his place and date of birth as Tamazula, Durango, September 1786. (C. Rodríguez)

He was born in Tamazul, Durango, in 1786 and studied law in the semanario de Durango. In 1811 he adopted the name Guadalupe Victoria when he joined the independence cause. He became a general in Morelos's army in 1814 and fought against the royalists in Oaxaca, Nautla and Veracruz. He died in 1843. (Castañeda 78-80)

Life Events

Born 1785He was born in Tamazula, Durango, on 29 September 1785.
Born 1786Some sources give 1786 as the year of his birth.
Other 1797He went to Mexico City to study law.
Other 1811He joined Morales's troops.
Other 1812He changed his name to Guadalupe Victoria on 25 November 1812.
Other 1817He retreated to a hacienda in Veracruz from 1817-21.
Other 1824He was elected President of Mexico on 10 October 1824.
Died 1843He died in Perote, Veracruz, on 21 March 1843.


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Gendering Latin American Independence

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