Gendering Latin American Independence
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Dr José Ignacio de la Roza

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Baptised on 1 August 1788, in San Juan de la Frontera, Argentina, he entered the Universidad Mayor de San Carlos, Córdoba, in 1804. He graduated as Licenciado y Doctor en Jurisprudencia on 10 March 1808. He went to Santiago de Chile (around 1808). He was in Buenos Aires in 1810 where he met San Martín and joined the patriots. He took part in the Buenos Aires cabildo sessions from 1811 to 1813. (Guerrero, 15-42)

He promoted popular education. He established his first Escuela de la Patria, on 22 April 1816. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento was among the pupils at one of his schools. (Guerrero, 103-111) He read Rousseau's Social Contract. (Guerrero, 166)

He was governor of San Juan from 1815 to 1820. He married María Tránsito de Oro in 1817. He was imprisoned in January 1820 and condemned to death for his support of the independence cause. This was reduced to exile to La Rioja. He escaped his La Rioja prison and fled to Mendoza, and from there continued to Peru where he joined San Martín outside Lima. (Guerrero, 305-309)

A school in San Juan was named after him in 1865. (Guerrero, 353)

His death is given variously as 1834 and 9 October 1839.

Life Events

Born 1788He was baptised on 1 August 1788.
Other 1804He entered San Carlos University, Córdoba. (1804-1808)
Other 1810He met San Martín in Buenos Aires, and joined the patriots.
Other 1811He participated in Buenos Aires cabildo sessions from 1811-1813.
Other 1815He was governor of San Juan (1815-20).
Other 1816He established a school (for boys?) on 22 April 1816 in San Juan.
Married 1817He married María del Tránsito de Oro on 12 January 1817.
Other 1820He was imprisoned and sentenced to exile in La Rioja.
Died 1839His death is given variously as 1834 and 9 October 1839.


Guerrero, Cesar H, (1981), José Ignacio de la Roza, Un apostol de la libertad


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