Gendering Latin American Independence
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Francisco José de Caldas

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

He was born in Popay√°n on 4 October 1771. A chronicler of Independence who founded the magazine Semanario del Nuevo Reino de Granada and edited El Diario Pol√≠tico de Santaf√© de Bogot√°. Antonio Nari√Īo named him capit√°n de Ingenieros Cosm√≥graficos. He was executed in Santa Fe de Bogot√° in 1816. (Ardila, 18)

He is described by Lynch as a scholar and patriot, leader of the New Granadian Enlightenment. (Lynch, xiv)

He attended the tertulias de Buen Gusto in Bogotá. (Díaz y Díaz, 108, Monsalve, 24)

He was hung for his pro-independence activities by Morillo. (Monsalve, 24, 171-172)

He attended the pro-independence meetings at Camilo Torres's home. (Monsalve, 36)

On 31 March 1816, on learning he was to be executed, he wrote to his wife, Mar√≠a Manuela Barahona about the duty of women in the home (extract below). (Londo√Īo, 305-306)

He died 29 October 1816.

Related to Baltasas Caldas de Wallace.

Life Events

Born 1771He was born on 4 October 1771 in Popay√°n.
Died 1816He was executed in Bogot√° on 29 October 1816.


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Letter: Carta


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Gendering Latin American Independence

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