Gendering Latin American Independence
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Juan García del Río (Ricardo Gual, Jaén)

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

He was born in Cartagena in 1794. A journalist, politician, writer, and essayist, he led Chilean newspapers El Argos, El Sol, El Telegrafo (a bi-weekly newspaper founded in 1819), El Mercurio, and he published the magazines Biblioteca Americana and Reportario Americano with Andrés Bello. He also founded the literary El museo de Ambas Américas, in Valparaiso, 1842.

One of the founders of Peruvian Independence, he fought alongside San Martín. He met Andrés Bello in London in 1826. They became good friends and corresponded until at least 1846. (Romero de Valle, 137.)

He attended Manuela Rávago's tertulias in Lima. (García y García, 325)

He died in Mexico on 13 May 1856.

He used the pseudonyms Ricardo Gual and Jaén.

Life Events

Born 1794He was born in Cartagena.
Other 1826He met Andrés Bello in London.
Other 1842He founded the literary El Museo de Ambas Américas in Valparaiso.
Died 1856He died 13 May 1856, Mexico.


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