Gendering Latin American Independence
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José Joaquín Ortiz Rojas (Órtiz, José Migeros)

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

A political journalist, born on 10 July 1814, Tunja, Colombia, he founded El Correo de las Aldeas, El Porvenir and many others. (Sánchez López, 527)

He wrote the tragedy, Sulma, and the drama, El Hijo Pródigo. He held a polemic with José María Samper in defence of the church. He wrote María Dolores o la Historia de mi casamiento in 1841. (Ardila, 27, 464.)

A poet and friend of José Eusebio Caro, they founded the literary journal La Estrella Nacional in 1836. He published a collection of Caro's poems. (Coester, 275, 278)

He used pseudonym José Migeros.

He died in Bogotá on 14 February 1892.

Life Events

Born 1814He was born in Tunja on 10 July 1814.
Other 1836He co-founded the literary journal, La Estrella Nacional.
Other 1841He wrote María Dolores o la Historia de mi casamiento.
Died 1892He died on 14 February 1892.


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