Gendering Latin American Independence
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María del Carmen Zamorán de Mombrun

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

From Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, she was the widow of Domingo Mombrun. On 20 October 1815 she defended the rights of the king in the Puerto Cabello Plaza with "esfuerzo varonil". In view of this open cooperation of the rights of the Sovereign she was awarded a medal of distinction that was designated on 23 February 1818 for women who showed fidelity and loyalty to the crown. The medal was gold edged, and with a royal bust. On the back was an inscription saying "el primio de la fidelidad de las americanas". She requested that her three sons, José Leandro, José María and Pedro be given good jobs in the state administration. (Gaceta de Caracas, 1 /9/1819, pp.2053-2054)

Life Events

Other 1815She openly defended the King on 20 October 1815.


Pérez Vila, Manuel, (1983), Gaceta de Caracas


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