Gendering Latin American Independence
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María Josefa de Tagle y Portocarrero

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

From Lima, she was the sister of Bernardo, Marques de Torre Tagle. She rescued the three surviving sons of the Marqueses de Torre Tagle from prison after their parents died in around 1825. With the help of priest Manuela de Bengoechea she was able to care for them, to rehabilitate and educate them. She dedicated herself to her nephews, never marrying, despite many offers, claiming that her debt to her family was sacred. Other members of her family were asked to go to Spain in Admiral Blanco Encalada's ship, but she did not trust him because this was the man who had let down her bother and led to their imprisonment. Instead she had to watch the sacking and destruction of most of the Palacio de Torre Tagle; she then fled with her nephews hiding in the house of Dr Araoz, an Argentine doctor who was able to protect them due to his friendship with Bolívar. She wore a saya and mantle, as was the fashion, and hid behind it seeking an audience with Bolívar in the Palacio de Gobierno. A friend suggested that she uncover her face (which was very beautiful) and to seek out Bolívar face to face. She did this, he was surprised to see her: she demanded justice, the return of her effects and absolution for her brother. Bolívar listened to her and conceded everything. Her nephews were able to obtain the necessary correspondence to prove that their parents had never failed to be patriotic and to serve Peru. (García y García, 328-330)

A descendent of Viceroy Portocarrero (1636-1705)?

Life Events

Other 1825She rescued her orphaned nephews around this time.


García y García, Elvira, (1924), La mujer peruana a través de los siglos


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