Gendering Latin American Independence
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Manuela Rodríguez y Terceros de Arze

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She was born around 1770, in Villa de Tarata, Cochabamba. She was the second wife of Esteban Arze; they married in 1795. He joined the independence army and she supported him in victory and adversary. She gave resources and food to the patriot soldiers. She was persecuted by the royalists who burned her houses several times. Arze died in prison on 24 February 1815. Her property in Tarata and her goods were confiscated in 1817 by Governor Imaz and the family were impoverished until independence when part of it was returned to her. She died in 1832. (Urquidi, 207-209)

Life Events

Born 1770She was born in Villa de Tarata, Cochabamba around 1770.
Married 1795She married Esteban Arze.
Other 1815Her husband died in prison on 24 February 1815.
Other 1817Her house and wealth were confiscated by the royalists.
Died 1832


Urquidi, José Macedonio, (1918), Bolivianas ilustres, heroinas, escritoras, artistas, Tomo I


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