Gendering Latin American Independence
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Gregoria Araníbar de Matos

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

From Potosí, Bolivia, she married Salvador Matos who worked in a bank at the time of independence, but embraced the liberal cause and joined the independence army. He fought and was defeated at Molles, Chuquisaca, was captured and executed. She was sentenced to 200 lashes for having supported the independence cause. She suffered this in the plaza where her husband had been hung. She took her punishment without shedding a tear, saying "¡Mártir de la patria, sube al cielo! Tú me enseñaste a vivir y hoy me enseñas a morir. ¡Te juro que no seré desleal a la causa de la libertad!" After this she was put in solitary confinement in the Casa de Moneda for 2 months. (Urquidi, 211-212)

Life Events

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Urquidi, José Macedonio, (1918), Bolivianas ilustres, heroinas, escritoras, artistas, Tomo I


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