Gendering Latin American Independence
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Antonia Valdés de la Barrera

Other names/titles: de la Barrera Valdés
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She and her daughter, Salomé Barrera, were among a group of women who fled Mompós, Colombia after the battle of Chimá (1815?). They were apprehended in Sinú, taken to Torrecilla and imprisoned in the walls of Ciudad Heroica. (Monsalve, 109)

From Mompós, Colombia, she gave money, food and arms to the independence cause. She and her daughter, Salomé, were among a group of women who were captured in 1816 and imprisoned for a long time in the vaults of Cartagena fort, below sea-level. Several of the women died during their captivity. Her name is given here as Antonia de la Barrera Valdés. (P. Forero, 62)

Life Events

Other 1815She and her daughter fled Mompós around this time.
Other 1816She was imprisoned in Cartagena fort.


Monsalve, José D, (1926), Mujeres de la independencia

Forero, Paulo E., (1972), Las heroinas olvidadas de la independencia


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