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María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa

Other names/titles: María Antonia de San José
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She was born in Silípica, Santiago de Estero in 1730. She dedicated herself to helping the Jesuits in their pious duties and became a beata, changing her name to María Antonia de Señor San Joseph. When the Jesuits were expelled in 1767 she decided to replace them using her fortune to establish the Casa de Ejercicios. She later established Casas de Ejercicios in Catamarca and La Rioja. She walked to Buenos Aires via Córdoba, arriving in 1779. Her plans were rejected by the authorities but later accepted with the help of some well-connected priests. In 1795 she presented her plans to the Cabildo for the construction of building that can still be seen at Calle Independencia 1190. She occupied a cell there. She fell ill on 6 March 1799, dictated her will and died the next day. (Sosa de Newton, 483-484)

She was related to Ana María Taboada.

Life Events

Born 1730She was born in Silípica, Santiago de Estero.
Other 1767She established a Casas de Ejercicios.
Other 1779She arrived in Buenos Aires after walking there via Córdoba.
Other 1795She presented plans to the Buenos Aires Cabildo for a Casa de Ejercicios.
Died 1799She died on 7 March 1799.


Sosa de Newton, Lily, (1986), Diccionario biográfico de mujeres argentinas


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