Gendering Latin American Independence
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Jerónima San Martín de Buchardo y de Herrera

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

The sister of San Martín, she was born in Baradero, Argentina, in 1758. She married José Buchardo, an Italian in 1777 and was widowed in 1779. In 1786 she married Francisco Herrera. Her daughter Dominga Buchardo married General Antonio Balcarce in 1807. On 25 May 1817 she led a group of girls to the main plaza, Buenos Aires, she was dressed in a blue suit and white shawl, the girls in white, carrying a flag and a silver spear. As the sun set they sang the national anthem, she shouted "viva la Patria" and was so overcome with emotion that she fainted. She hosted a dance that evening to celebrate the victory of Chacabuco. (Sosa de Newton, 581)

She was born in Baradero in 1758, the daughter of Juan Ignacio San Martín and Mercedes Zeballos. She married an Italian, José Buchardo on 19 July 1777. She was widowed two years later and married Francisco Herrera on 17 June 1786. He died on 23 March 1804. In 1817 she was living in Córdoba and on hearing of the victory at Chacabuco she held a dance to celebrate, decorating her outside window with a banner stating "Viva la Patria, 1817". Her daughter Dominga married General Antonio González Balcarce on 21 January 1807. (Carranza, 144-147)

Life Events

Born 1758She was born in Baradero, 1758.
Married 1777She married José Buchardo in 1777.
Other 1779She was widowed in 1779.
Married 1786In 1786 she married Francisco Herrera.
Other 1807Her daughter married General Antonio Balcarce.
Other 1817On 25 May 1817 she led a public celebration of the battle of Chacabuco.


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