Gendering Latin American Independence
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José María Blanco Crespo (Blanco White)

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in Seville in 1775, he was a liberal who left Spain in 1810 and went to England where he stayed until his death. HisLetters from Spain were published in 1822. He decided to publish a magazine for Latin American women, Variedades o El Mensagero de Londes, that would have "una enorme cantidad de láminas de cañadas, cascadas, villas, edificios públicos y hermosas señoras" that would be "un vehículo de informaciones útiles para unos pueblos que hablan una lengua en la que no abunden libros que les orienten y eduquen dadas las circunstancias públicasen que viven." He pledged not to frighten his readers, "con controversias religiosas que pudieran perjudicar la libre entrada y circulación del periódico en aquellos países". There were 9 editions: one in January 1823, 8 from January 1824 to October 1825. José Joaquín de Mora wrote for this paper. It was a miscellaneous collection of articles and information, mostly literary-based, but also historical, philosophical and religious. It dealt with education, the importance of political science and the drawbacks of adopting and applying general laws from it and advice to Latin Americans on intolerance. Blanco White admired Mora's "Cartas sobre la educación del bello sexo". He died in Liverpool, England, in 1841. (Viñao Frago, 316-318)

Life Events

Born 1775He was born in Seville.
Other 1810He emigrated to England.
Other 1822His Letters from Spain was published.
Other 1823He published Variedades o El Mensagero de Londres from January 1823 to October 1825.
Other 1841He died in Liverpool.


, (1988), Historia de las relaciones educativas entre España y América


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