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Delfina Vedia de Mitre

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She was born in Montevideo on 12 December 1819, the daughter of Nicolás de Vedia and Manuela Josefa Gabina Pérez y Pagola from Montevideo. The family went into exile during Rosas's rule where she met Bartolomé Mitre; they married on 11 January 1841. Their first daughter, Delphina, was born in 1843. On 1 April 1846, there was a revolution in favour of Rivera. Two of her brothers took part; one of them died and she ran onto the battlefield, dodging bullets to rescue her younger brother, Julio who was injured. She then took him to their aged father. In 1847 Mitre left Montevideo to fight against Rosas and she did not see him again until 1851. When Rosas fell they returned to Buenos Aires. Her son, Jorge, committed suicide in 1870. In 1874, Mitre was condemned to death in another revolution. She found comfort in the pen, writing about the death of her son (see below). She also wrote poetry and translated a history of Washington and US independence. Many of her translations appear in Mitre's paper. Her unedited memoirs reveal her literary talents, and her attitude as a wife and mother. She died in Buenos Aires on 6 September 1882. (Sosa de Newton, 658)

Life Events

Born 1819She was born in Montevideo on 12 December 1819.
Married 1841She married Bartolomé Mitre on 11 January 1841.
Other 1843Her first daughter, Delphina, was born.
Other 1846She rescued her brother Julio from the battlefield in April 1846.
Other 1870Her son, Jorge, committed suicide.
Other 1874Mitre was condemned to death.
Died 1882She died in Buenos Aires on 6 September 1882.


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