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Margarita Wield de Paz

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

She was born in Córdoba in 1815, the daughter of the Scottish medic Andrew Wield and Rosario Paz, and sister of the Unitarian leader, José María Paz. In 1834, José María Paz was imprisoned and she went to visit him with her grandfather, Tiburcia Haedo de Paz. There, in accordance with her mother's wishes, she married her uncle on 31 March 1835 inside the prison, La Aduana de Santa Fe. She was allowed to live there with him and was expecting their first child when he was transferred to another prison in the Cabildo de Luján under Rosas. She gave birth to a daughter there on 10 April 1836 but the child died within a week. They were freed in December 1838 and Paz fled to Uruguay in 1841 followed by Margarita and the rest of the family. They settled in La Colonia. Paz moved to Corrientes to organise the Unitarian army. In 1846 they moved to Paraguay and, after ten months, in 1847 to Rio de Janeiro. They set up a farm and a casa de comida in which they made sweets and pastries that a friend of Paz, José María Todd, sold in the streets. This took its toll on Margarita who died giving birth to their tenth child on 5 June 1848. Only four of the children survived. (Sosa de Newton, 681)

Life Events

Born 1815She was born in Córdoba.
Married 1835She married her uncle, José María Paz, in his prison cell on 31 March 1835.
Other 1838She was freed from prison in December 1838.
Other 1841She fled to Uruguay with her children in 1841
Other 1846She moved to Paraguay.
Other 1847She moved to Rio de Janeiro.
Died 1848She died in childbirth on 5 June 1848.


Sosa de Newton, Lily, (1986), Diccionario biográfico de mujeres argentinas


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