Gendering Latin American Independence
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John Parish Robertson

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

An English businessman who was in Latin America with his brother, W P Robertson, between 1807-1810s. Their Letters were published in 3 volumes in 1839. He met Viceroy Linier´s wife in Buenos Aires around 1808. (Robertson)

He attended Ana María Perichón de O'Gorman's tertulias: "The most splendid tertulias were given by Madame [Perichón]; and I saw congregated, night after night, at her house, such specimens of female beauty and vivacity, as would have excited envy, or commanded admiration in an English ball-room." Perichón gave him a letter of introduction to her brother who was living in Corrientes. "The lady had procured for her brother the appointment of post-master general of the province". He stayed with Perichón and was treated as one of the family. (Robertson, Vol. 1, 176-180, 251-257)

He stayed at the large country estate of 84-year-old Juana Ysquibel, near Asunción.

Life Events

Other 1807He visited Montevideo.
Other 1811He was living in Buenos Aires.
Other 1839He published his Letters on Paraguay.


Robertson, John Parish and W. P., (1970), Letters on Paraguay


Book: Letters on Paraguay

Book: Letters on Paraguay

Book: Letters on Paraguay

Book: Letters on Paraguay

Book: Letters on Paraguay


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