Gendering Latin American Independence
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José María de Pando

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

A politician, and minister of finance for Bolívar (1824) who was Born in Lima, in 1783. As a boy he travelled with his family to Spain where he was a pupil at the Real Seminario de Nobles de Madrid. In 1802 he began his diplomatic career (aged 15) first in Spain and then Rome where he met Bolívar in 1804. He refused to support José Bonaparte as king and from 1809-11 was confined in the fortress Fenestrelle in the Alps. He escaped in 1815 and returned to Spain. He played an active part in the manifesto of 10 March 1820 in which the King of Spain promised to conform to the constitution. In 1823 he agreed to become Secretary of State in Spain on condition that Spain accepted Latin American independence. He arrived in Callao in June 1824 to find the Spaniards still there. After the battle of Ayacucho, the Spanish authorities were ordered to sail to Chile. De Pando offered his respects to Bolívar, and was named Minister of Finance. He accused Andrés Bello of plagiarism. (Romero de Valle, 238)

He wrote "Epístola a Próspero", a poem outlining his political ideology. (Basadre, 141-152)

He was editor of Mercurio Peruano, 1827-34 and 1839-40. (Romero de Valle, 206)

O'Leary claims that his conversations with Bolívar turned the latter into a demagogue rather than a republican. (Humphreys, 28.)

He hosted tertulias that were attended by Andrés Martínez (Gamarra's Minister of Treasury) and Pedro Antonio de la Torre (Peru's first ambassador to Bolivia). Intellectual discussions were held at these tertulias, members were in favour of a strong executive government, Conservatives. He attacked the Liberal-dominated congress through the pages of El Mercurio Peruano when he was its editor. (Wibel, 331)

He died in Madrid in 1840.

Life Events

Born 1783He was born in Lima.
Other 1824He was Minister of finance for Bolívar.
Other 1827He was editor of Mercurio Peruano, 1827-34 and 1839-40.
Died 1840He died in Madrid.


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