Gendering Latin American Independence
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José Rossi y Rubi

Other names/titles: Hesperiófilo
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

He was a member of the Lima Sociedad Amantes del País using the Greek pseudonym Hesperiófilo. (Romero de Valle, 301)

A founder of the Sociedad Amantes del País, and member of the Academia Filarmónica, until his wife died. He then retired to the sierra. In 1787 he was consulter in the Tribunal de Minería. He subscribed to El Mercurio Peruano from 1792-1793 and wrote articles under his pseudonym Hesperiófilo. (Clément, Indices, 125, 135)

Clément includes an analysis of "Descripción del faldellín de las limeñas", that he says was written by Rossi y Rubí. (Clément, Mercurio, 169-171.)

Life Events

Other 1787He was a member of the Academia Filarmónica and a consulter in the Tribunal de Minería.


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Poem: Descripción del faldellín de las limeñas


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