Gendering Latin American Independence
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Bernadino Rivadavia

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in 1780, Lynch states that he promoted enlightenment reforms when he was in power in Buenos Aires (during the triumvirate of 1811-12; as a minister under Rodríguez from 1820-23; and as President from 1826-27). His economic programme and Unitarian policies created powerful enemies and in July 1827 he had to resign and go into exile. (Lynch, xxi)

His wife, Juana del Pino wrote giving condolences to Javiera Carrera following the execution of José Miguel Carrera. (Vergara Quiroz, 112)

He was president of Argentina from 1826-27. In 1823 he established the Sociedad de la Beneficiencia with Mariquita Sánchez. This was a women-led organisation of hospitals for women and schools for girls where they were trained in the “feminine” arts”. (Shumway, 91)

He was influenced by Jeremy Bentham and Benjamin Constant. (Racine, 945)

On 26 June 1812 he forwarded a letter to the Gaceta for publication. The letter, signed by several women, among them Remedios de la Escalada, offered to buy arms for the independence troops. (Carranza, 24)

He died in 1845.

Life Events

Born 1780
Married 1809He married Juana del Pino on 14 August 1809.
Other 1811He was a member of the triumvirate, 1811-12.
Other 1820He served as minister under Rodríguez, 1820-23.
Other 1823He established the Sociedad de la Beneficiencia with Mariquita Sánchez.
Other 1826He was President of Argentina from 1826-27.
Other 1827He was forced to resign in July 1827 and went into exile.
Died 1845


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