Gendering Latin American Independence
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Antonia Salas

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

She was active in the Independence struggles in Santiago de Chile. (Knaster, 18)

She was 22 years old in 1810. The daughter of Manuel Salas y Corvalán, one of the great benefactors of the colonial era and founder of the Hospicio de Santiago. She accompanied him on his daily visits to prisons and penitentiaries. The daughter of patriots, her father and husband were both imprisoned and exiled.

She became an enthusiastic patriot, using her fortune in its cause. She organised subscriptions, and looked after the captured and injured. During the smallpox epidemic of 1820 she transformed her country house, de San Rafael into a hospital. (Grez, 101-103) After the 1822 earthquake she looked after the victims, one of whom was her son, Francis de Paula Errázuriz Salas (born in 1814). He died in her arms. She also cared for the wounded after the battle of Loncomilla. If she was unable to attend personally, she would send one of her daughters. (Weeks, 180-181)

In 1855 Mercedes Marín de Solar wrote a poem about her. (Medina, 23; Marín, 61-66.) In 1918, her daughter-in-law, Adela Edwards de Salas would found the Chilean Cruz Blanca, a home, hospital and school for unfortunate girls.

Related to Manuel de Salas, 1754-1841?

Life Events

Born 1788She was born around 1788.
Other 1820She turned her house into a hospital during a smallpox epidemic.


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