Gendering Latin American Independence
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Rosa Guerra

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

Born in the early 1800s, she studied at Mariquita Sánchez’s Sociedad de Beneficencia school, and was awarded a prize for the best pupil in 1826. (Sáenz Quesada, 100)

She founded the women’s magazine La Camelia, 1852 with Juana Manso; also La Educación in 1854 or 1852, which ran for 6 issues from 24 July 1852 then folded due to lack of funds. She worked as a teacher for Sarmiento’s education project. She was in favour of women’s rights.

In La Educación, she took a different tone from that of La Camelia, limiting her function to “actividades educacativas fundamentalándolas en nociones netamente católicas” (Arambel-Guiñazú and Martin, 53-54, 199)

She died in 1894.

Life Events

Other 1826She was named best pupil.
Other 1852She founded women’s magazine La Camelia.
Died 1894
Died 1894


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