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Rosa Rodríguez Riquelme

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in 1787, the step-sister of Bernardo O'Higgins, and Nieves Puga y Riquelme. She died in 1850. (Knaster, 15)

She wrote to Bernardo O'Higgins in August 1822 from Los Angeles, Chile, about political matters and in March 1823 from Santiago de Chile about his abdication. (Vergara Quiroz, 122-123, 138-139)

She freed a slave that she had inherited from her brother, Bernardo O'Higgins. (Blanchard, 161)

She and her mother accompanied O'Higgins to Buenos Aires, around 1814 as they feared he would take revenge on the Carreras for Mackenna's death. They made a living by sewing, making cigarettes, and selling food. And in 1815 they all moved to Mendoza. (Clissold, 137, 139)

She and her mother were sent to Chillán as hostages in October 1813. (Clissold, 108)

She looked after her brother's house in Santiago and hosted musical tertulias there. She is described as short, plain and stocky, with a "brusque" manner that gave her the nickname "the general in petticoats". Mary Graham visited them. (199-202)

She accompanied her mother and brother into his exile in Lima. (Clissold, 225-226)

Life Events

Born 1787
Other 1813She and her mother were kept hostage in Chillán in November 1813.
Other 1814She went to live in Buenos Aires with her brother and mother.
Other 1815She moved to Mendoza.
Other 1822She wrote to her brother on 15 August 1822.
Other 1823She wrote to Bernardo O'Higgins on 2 March 1823 about his abdication.
Died 1850


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Letter: Carta

Letter: Carta


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