Gendering Latin American Independence
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Estefanía Parra

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Mestizo/a

Biographical details

A Colombian campesina, who in 1819 showed General Rondón of the Insurgent army the best place to cross the Boyacá River. His regiments were then able to attack the Spaniards. They fled, and thus opened the road to Bogotá up to Bolívar's troops. (Knaster, 481-482.)

She was a humble campesina who learned that the royalists troops were nearby. She approached the royalists on the pretext of selling food to them, and then sent details about their number and whereabouts to the patriots. She then crossed the Spanish lines to meet with Santander's troops marching towards Tunja. She then acted as a guide to these troops. She gave the alarm when the Spanish forces were camped near a bridge and showed the patriots where to cross the River Teatinos, thus enabling them to march to victory in Boyacá. (P. Forero, 161-162)

Life Events

Other 1819She guided patriots across the Boyacá River.


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