Gendering Latin American Independence
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Agueda Monasterio de Lattapiat

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

From an ancient colonial family, she married Juan Lattipiat, a French official who had served in Buenos Aires under Liniers. Grez provides a description of her in 1811, when she was aged 35: "Una figura noble, llena de altivez y de energía." She shared her husband's support of independence and hosted a modest tertulia that was attended by less well-to-do people than those of "el mundo elegante". Grez describes them as the democratic force of the revolution for independence. Monasterio was at the centre of these meetings, dominating them with her talent, character, virtues, and enthusiasm. She and her daughter Juana, (aged around 14-15) wrote letters of encouragement to those in exile, sending them news of political developments. They confided in her, telling her of delicate and secret commissions. She was surrounded by spies and a letter from her to San Martín was intercepted. She was imprisoned by Marcó and her execution was ordered. Juana's right hand was cut off for having written letters dictated by her mother. Monasterio's execution was suspended, possibly for fear of public outcry and a revolt. She and Juana were taken home by friends, but her imprisonment and Juana's mutilation had taken their toll. Monasterio died a few days after her release in 1817 and six days before the republicans' victory at Chacabuco. (Grez, 67-70.)

She was a heroine of the independence struggle (unspecified). (Knaster, 503.)

Life Events

Born 1776She was born around 1776.
Died 1817She died after being released from the scaffold.


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