Gendering Latin American Independence
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Mercedes Tomasina de San Martín de Balcarce

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in Mendoza in 1816, the daughter of José de San Martín, she was known for her "kind and charitable nature". After her mother's death, she lived in Buenos Aires with her grandparents before emigrating to Paris with her father. In 1856 the President of the Sociedad de Beneficencia wrote to her asking her to join the society as a correspondent member from Paris, Mercedes agreed. (Knaster, 516.)

She married Mariano Balcarce. Her second daughter, Josefa D. Balcarce y San Martín de Gutiérrez Estrada, was born in France in 1836. (Sosa de Newton, 54)

She was born in Mendoza on 23 August 1816 while her father was in Cuyo. She was baptised on 31 August and her madrina was Josefa Alvárez de Delgado, a friend of her father. San Martín sent her and her mother to Buenos Aires when he marched across the Andes into Chile. After her mother died she lived with her grandparents until she was 7 when she joined her father in Europe, living in a pension in Brussels with strict moral rules. They later lived in France where she met Mariano Balcarce, a diplomat in London. They married on 13 December 1832 in Paris. They returned to Buenos Aires with Balcarce's work from 1833-1835, where their elder daughter María Mercedes was born. They returned to France in 1835 and lived with San Martín at his Gran Bourg estate where her daughter Josefa was born. She looked after her father until his death in 1850. She died in Paris on 28 February 1875, her remains (and those of her husband and daughter María Mercedes) were sent back to Mendoza. (Sosa de Newton, 580-581)

Life Events

Born 1816She was born in Mendoza on 23 August 1816.
Other 1823She moved from Buenos Aires to join her father in Europe around this time.
Other 1825Her father, José de San Martín, wrote a moral guide for her.
Married 1832She married Mariano Balcarce on 13 December 1832 in Paris.
Other 1833She was living in Buenos Aires from 1833-1835.
Other 1835She returned to France.
Other 1850Her father died.
Other 1856She became a member of the Sociedad de Beneficence.
Died 1875She died in Paris on 28 February 1875.


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